What is the offer?

The Cool Cash promotion is designed to promote sales of Carrier systems in the residential add-on and replacement market. The promotion offers the homeowner a rebate for a qualifying Carrier system or a qualifying unit and control. Please use one claim form per system rebate. This offer is not valid with any other Carrier factory-sponsored rebates. Your Carrier dealer may provide additional offers at the local level such as financing, service agreements or added rebates. Ask your Carrier dealer for more information. Rebates are paid with a prepaid card.

May I split the rebate with another person?

No. Rebates will only be issued to one person. Rebates are paid with a prepaid card and are issued to the name and address provided during the claiming process.

May I use this rebate for my commercial business or multi-family home?

No. The Carrier Cool Cash promotion is designed for residential replacement or add-on systems only.

Can I have more than one rebate?

Yes, however you can only have more than one rebate if you have more than one system installed in your home. Consumers who purchase multiple systems for their own household should use one rebate claim form per system. Two claim forms are required and each claim form needs to be submitted separately.

I bought my system before the rebate began. Can I still receive the rebate?

No. Only Carrier systems or units purchased and installed within the promotion's published dates are eligible sale and qualify. Please contact your dealer for the date parameters and ensure that you know the claim submission date deadline. All deadlines are final and exceptions cannot be made. Date parameters are also included on your claim form provided to you by your dealer.

I purchased a new home that came with a Carrier system. Is that system eligible for the Cool Cash rebate?

No. Only Carrier systems sold as a replacement for an existing system or as an add-on to an existing home qualify.

I am buying a system for a vacation home that I don't live in during the time of the promotion. Can I wait until after the promotion to have the system installed?

No. Only Carrier systems or units bought and installed between eligible program dates are eligible for a rebate. There is a separate date parameter for both the sale date and  the install date, therefore your system needs to be installed prior to the install date deadline and claimed within the program timeframe in order for a rebate to be accepted and processed. Please refer to your claim form and/or dealer for additional program details.

What does "installation date" mean - how is it defined?

The installation date is the date that the installation of the Carrier system is completed. Upon the completed installation, the dealer should give you a Carrier rebate claim form. The dealer should then help you complete the claim form so that you can use the Internet or call in to apply for your rebate.

Why do I have to wait until the product is installed to claim my rebate?

By waiting until the product is installed to claim your rebate, you are assured that the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

I just moved or I am moving from the home where the installation was completed. Can I still get the rebate?

Yes. Please provide the Cool Cash Claim Center with the address where the unit was installed. Furthermore, tell your dealer that your new address is different from the location where the unit was installed. You can notify the claim center by phone or web chat that you have a different mailing address if the claim is already entered.

I don't live at the same place where the system was installed (second home). Will that be a problem?

You should tell the Cool Cash Claim Center the address where the unit was installed. Be sure to tell your dealer that your primary address is different than the location where the unit was installed.

Can you send the rebate to someone else?

No. Rebates may only be sent to the person who made the purchase of the Carrier system.

May I use another rebate with the Cool Cash offer?

This offer is not good with any other factory-sponsored rebate. Your local dealer may provide additional offers such as financing, service agreements, added rebates, etc.

If the system I want to buy is eligible for a Cool Cash rebate, can I still finance it's purchase with Wells Fargo (if my dealer offers Wells Fargo financing)?

Yes. Check with your Carrier dealer for more details or contact Carrier Consumer Relations at 1-800-CARRIER.

What products qualify for the Cool Cash rebate?

Please contact a Carrier dealer for more information on what products or product combinations qualify or call Carrier Consumer Relations at 1-800-CARRIER to find a dealer near you.

I purchased an air conditioner before the promotion start date and a furnace during the promotion. What products qualify?

A rebate cannot be issued for the air conditioner because it was purchased prior to the promotion start date. However, assuming that the furnace is a qualifying product and it was purchased with a control, it may qualify for a unit rebate.

I bought a product that doesn't qualify for the system rebate (wrong control, wrong air conditioner, etc.). Can I still get the rebate?

You may still qualify for a unit-only rebate. Check with your dealer for more information.

How do I claim my rebate?

You can claim your rebate by accessing the program web site at www.carrierincentives.com. You will need to provide information from the Carrier rebate claim form, provided by your Carrier dealer. The Carrier dealer can help you complete the rebate claim form by providing necessary model number information along with dealer identification information. You may also claim your rebate by calling (800) 236-4603. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE ENTERED ONLINE BY THE PROGRAM END DATE ON YOUR CLAIM FORM. No exceptions are granted for claims that are not entered or that do not qualify.

How long will it take for me to receive my rebate?

Once your claim has been submitted and you have received a confirmation number, please allow 4 - 6 weeks for the pre-paid card to be mailed to you.

How do I find a qualifying dealer?

You can find a qualifying dealer by visiting the Carrier Dealer Locator at www.carrier.com or by calling Carrier Consumer Relations at 1-800-CARRIER.

What if the dealer doesn't know about the rebate or they don't offer the rebate?

The Carrier Cool Cash promotion is available from participating dealers only. Therefore, it is important that you refer to www.carrier.com or Carrier Consumer Relations for a participating dealer.

The Carrier Dealer Locator shows various icons next to the name of the dealer. What is the difference between a Cool Cash participating dealer, a Factory Authorized Dealer, and a Carrier Distinguished Dealer?

A Cool Cash participating dealer is a dealer who has elected to participate in the Cool Cash promotion.

A Factory Authorized Dealer has met Carrier's stringent requirements for training and customer service and is granted the right by Carrier to use the name "Factory Authorized Dealer". A Factory Authorized Dealer may or may not be a participating Cool Cash dealer.

A Carrier Distinguished Dealer is a recipient of Carrier's prestigious award given in recognition of their overall business excellence. Oftentimes a Carrier Distinguished Dealer will use the award to advertise and promote their business. A Carrier Distinguished Dealer may or may not be a participating Cool Cash dealer.

Where can I get more information about the Cool Cash promotion?

You can get more information about the rebate through your Carrier Dealer, the Carrier web site, www.carrier.com or Carrier Consumer Relations at 1-800-CARRIER.

What if I haven't received my rebate?

If you haven't received your rebate after six weeks, you may go to www.carrierincentives.com or call the Cool Cash Claim Center at (800) 236-4603 to check on the status of your rebate. If you prefer to email, you can request information from customersupport@biworldwide.com

What if the wrong name is on the rebate I received?

Call (800) 236-4603 to speak with a customer service representative to research the problem.

What if the rebate is less (or more) than what the dealer told me it would be?

Please verify that the products you purchased and the products listed on the claim form are correct. Your dealer can help you with this process. You can also check the rebate claim form with your sales invoice to make sure the model numbers are the same. Also ensure that you are claiming only 1 system per claim form or claim process. If those things are accurate, please contact Rebate Headquarters for assistance or explanation at 1-800-236-4603.

What if I am not satisfied with the purchase?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact the Carrier dealer who installed your Carrier system. If, after contacting your dealer you still are not satisfied, contact Carrier Consumer Relations at 1-800-CARRIER.

Who do I call if I have problems with my Carrier system?

Your first point of contact is your Carrier dealer. Your next point of contact is Carrier Consumer Relations at 1-800-CARRIER.

What if I gave the call center the wrong information?

Call (800) 236-4603 to speak with a customer service representative to resolve the issue.

What if I don't want to give my address information?

At the time you claim your rebate you must indicate a valid mailing address, all rebates are mailed using standard Postal Service addresses and delivery methods.

Is my personal information safe/private?

This program involves the collection of various types of consumer information. By participating in the Carrier Cool Cash promotion, you understand and acknowledge that Carrier collects the consumer information for, among other things, market research studies and reports. Carrier will not provide it to any third party for solicitation purposes. For more information, see Carrier's Privacy Policy, available on the web at www.carrier.com.

What is “chat with rebate headquarters” help?

During regular business hours you can communicate live through "web chat" with a Rebate Headquarters Representative. This one-to-one connection is a quick and easy way to ask questions about your rebate or the website in general. Web Chat operates through a small pop-up window, so be sure to disable your pop-up blocker, or change your internet security settings to make this site "trusted". The "Chat online help" button is located on most of the web pages within this website. Simply click this button to start a live text-based chat session with a Rebate Headquarters Representative. A green button indicates that a Customer Care Representative is ready to assist you. A yellow button indicates that all Customer Care Representatives supporting Web Chat are currently busy. A red button indicates that Customer Care is not staffed at that time. Please note that Web Chat is supported from 10 am to 6 pm, Central Time, Monday through Friday.

You must upload a copy of any documents that are required to process your claim within 3 business days from the date the claim was submitted or your claim will be cancelled. Invoices MUST match the information entered on the claim and at a minimum include consumer name, models purchased, rebate amount, and indicate the rebate amount was deducted from the sale price. Maximum file size is 5 MB.  The following file formats are accepted: bmp, doc, docx, gif, jpg, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, rtf, tiff, tif, xps.

For your convenience, you may fax a copy of the invoice to 877-553-9436. Faxed invoices cannot be stored or accessed on the website and must include the confirmation number on the submission in order to match it to your claim. Faxed invoices that do not include a confirmation number will not be processed. Uploaded invoices are available to you as a logged in user, faxes are not, therefore submitting your invoice via the upload feature is the recommended method.

Upload Required

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Step 1: Dealer Information

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The dealership HVACpartners' ID number, sale date, and installation date are required to process your rebate. If you feel you entered the correct dealership HVACPartners ID number and still do not show the correct dealer, please contact your Dealer for help.

* Required fields


Step 2: Product Information

Select the product category, model number, and serial number for each product and click ADD TO LIST.  Repeat these steps if you are entering multiple products.  If you added a product in error, click the red ‘X’ icon next to the products to remove them from the Claimed Products list. Once you've entered all product information click NEXT in the lower right hand corner to continue.

    Click the red 'X' next to the products above to remove them from the list.
    When finished adding products, click Next

    Step 3: Customer Information

    Please provide your information to ensure your rebate is processed and sent to the correct address.  Please include your email address to receive your rebate confirmation number.

    * Required fields.

    Step 4: Claim Summary

    If the rebate amount is correct, please review your contact information and submit your claim.  If this is incorrect, please use the navigation buttons below to go back and update your rebate information, or contact your dealer for help.

    Dealership Name

    City, State

    HVACpartners ID

    Sales Person

    Sale Date

    Install Date

    Total Sale

    Invoice # / Job #

    Customer Information


    Product Category Model Number Serial Number

    Step 5: Processing claim...

    Step 6: Confirmation


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    City, State:

    HVACpartners ID

    Sales Person:

    Sale Date:

    Install Date:

    Total Sale

    Invoice # / Job #:

    Customer Information


    Product Category Model Number Serial Number