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We're proud to offer rebates, seasonal promotions and a variety of flexible financing options. Please contact your local Carrier Dealer for more information.

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Program Rules

Only consumers within the continental United States and Canada are eligible for this promotion.

Only Carrier systems sold as a replacement for the homeowner's existing system or as an add-on to an existing home qualify. No commercial applications, new construction applications or multi-family applications are eligible for this promotion.

Unit(s) must be purchased between eligible sale and installation dates to qualify. All claims must be processed by 6:00pm CST on the program end date in order to qualify for Carrier's Cool Cash rebate. All deadlines are final and late submissions will not be accepted.

Rebates will be paid in the form of a prepaid card issued to the submitting homeowner and mailed to the address listed on the claim. Recipients should expect to receive their prepaid card via mail within 4-6 weeks of the date claim was submitted.

Still need assistance? Send us an email

Or contact us by phone:
Rebate Headquarters at 1-800-236-4603
Carrier Expert Central: 1-800-946-2930

You must upload a copy of any documents that are required to process your claim within 3 business days from the date the claim was submitted or your claim will be cancelled. Invoices MUST match the information entered on the claim and at a minimum include consumer name, models purchased, rebate amount, and indicate the rebate amount was deducted from the sale price. Maximum file size is 5 MB.  The following file formats are accepted: bmp, doc, docx, gif, jpg, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, rtf, tiff, tif, xps.

For your convenience, you may fax a copy of the invoice to 877-553-9436. Faxed invoices cannot be stored or accessed on the website and must include the confirmation number on the submission in order to match it to your claim. Faxed invoices that do not include a confirmation number will not be processed. Uploaded invoices are available to you as a logged in user, faxes are not, therefore submitting your invoice via the upload feature is the recommended method.

Upload Required

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Step 1: Dealer Information

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The dealership HVACpartners' ID number, sale date, and installation date are required to process your rebate. If you feel you entered the correct dealership HVACPartners ID number and still do not show the correct dealer, please contact your Dealer for help.

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Step 2: Product Information

Select the product category, model number, and serial number for each product and click ADD TO LIST.  Repeat these steps if you are entering multiple products.  If you added a product in error, click the red ‘X’ icon next to the products to remove them from the Claimed Products list. Once you've entered all product information click NEXT in the lower right hand corner to continue.

    Click the red 'X' next to the products above to remove them from the list.
    When finished adding products, click Next

    Step 3: Customer Information

    Please provide your information to ensure your rebate is processed and sent to the correct address.  Please include your email address to receive your rebate confirmation number.

    * Required fields.

    Step 4: Claim Summary

    If the rebate amount is correct, please review your contact information and submit your claim.  If this is incorrect, please use the navigation buttons below to go back and update your rebate information, or contact your dealer for help.

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    City, State

    HVACpartners ID

    Sales Person

    Sale Date

    Install Date

    Total Sale

    Invoice # / Job #

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    Step 5: Processing claim...

    Step 6: Confirmation


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    City, State:

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    Total Sale

    Invoice # / Job #:

    Customer Information


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